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Better drinking through chemistry (cocktail set)

Novelty bar set for quasi-scientific fun.

Cheers to mad science!
Urban Outfitters

As party season ratchets up to full swing, those with an appreciation for the sciences might enjoy this novelty Chemistry Cocktail Set. The chemical composition of drinks won't be affected, but for the mad scientist in all of us, this cocktail set glows with (hopefully nonradioactive) whimsy.

The set includes four glass test tubes, a glass beaker, a stirrer, a cocktail shaker, and a metal tray. It is hand washable.

Fun is fun and all (and we all know science is fun), but I am a little confused by this product. I can imagine it sitting on my kitchen counter as a playful display, but when it comes to mixing up adult beverages, I prefer a grownup cocktail set. But hey, if you're in college (and of drinking age) this might be just the thing. Of course nobody is going to believe you when you claim to have swiped it out of the chem lab, so you might as well look into the real thing--a real Erlenmeyer Flask set, that is.