Best Prime Day gaming deals still available: Nintendo Switch games reduced to $40

Some of the best gaming discounts on Nintendo Switch include Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2 and Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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Update, Oct. 15: Amazon's Prime Day sale officially ended at midnight PT. However, we're keeping track of the best Prime Day deals still available, and we've identified the best Walmart "Big Save" deals, which remain available through the end of day. 

Amazon Prime Day is over, but there are still a ton of deals on games, gaming gear and accessories that are worth a look, including top Switch games marked down to $40 on Amazon

There are also some great offers from Target, Best Buy and Newegg when it comes to Amazon Prime Day for gamers. We're keeping an eye out for the best deals on all things gaming and will keep this list up to date. Check out the latest below.

Discounted Nintendo Switch games

Several popular Switch games are on sale via Amazon right now. Here's the best we've seen.

Lots of Razer gaming gear is on sale at Amazon right now, and this is a great price for a very high-end mechanical gaming keyboard. Green, yellow and orange switch versions are available at different levels of discount -- basically defining how "clicky" you want the keys to be. 


The next Assassin's Creed game isn't even out yet, but you can already knock $10 off for current-gen consoles.

No longer available


Here's your Prime Day splurge. Alienware's massive 21:9 (really, really widescreen) curved screen display, with a 3,440x1,440 resolution is down to $850. Original price was $1,200, and you can usually find it for around $1,050 or so. 


One of the best all-around gaming keyboards, with per-key RGB backlighting and Cherry MX Silver mechanical key switches.

One of the oddest of the retro mini consoles, this Neogeo micro arcade outputs to a TV, but also has its own built-in 3.5-inch screen. It has 40 built-in games like King of Fighters, Metal Slug and Fatal Fury (honestly, those are probably the ones you care about). This deluxe version includes two wired Neogeo gamepads and even an HDMI cable.

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A hefty, big-sounding set of gaming headphones with its own DAC (digital analog conversion) and preamp, which includes a breakout box with a big volume knob.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe: $40 (expired)