Best of both worlds: Gas-in-glass cooktop

Fisher & Paykel's cooktop and range hood are designed to work well together while looking fabulous.

Two years ago, my husband and I opted for the sleek look of an electric glass cooktop. Every since then, everyone asks me, "Don't you miss cooking on gas?" Well, yeah, a little, but I love the look of the smooth cooktop and the easy cleanup. Wouldn't you know it? Along comes a "gas-in-glass" cooktop from Fisher & Paykel that would let me cook my cake and eat it, too.

Now you're cooking with gas! Fisher & Paykel

The Izona CookSurface cooktop is frameless black glass with three individual gas burners that retract flush into the glass surface when not in use. Then push the knob to lift the burners and pan supports into place, and turn the dial to ignite the gas and start cooking. It's a cool look for a hot cooktop.

I'm an easily distracted cook. In fact, I just raced back to the kitchen to shut off the toaster oven where I was heating fish sticks for my four-year-old son, except that he left to go swimming 15 minutes ago. I'm all about appliances that anticipate my needs and do the work for me, like VentSurface, the CookSurface companion range vent.

The VentSurface is a match for the CookSurface in style and function. Fisher & Paykel

Not only do the two pieces match stylistically, but they also really combine intelligent performance to work together effectively. Set VentSurface to standby mode, and forget about it. Concentrate on the cooking while VentSurface uses its high-tech sensor extraction and detection system to sense odors and steam. It automatically turns itself on and adjusts the fan speed to keep the kitchen free of smoke and steam. Perimeter extraction technology promises to remove vapors from a wider area than traditional range hoods.

Of course, if you like your appliances to know who's in charge, you can operate VentSurface manually via soft touch buttons that give you complete control over the system's technology.