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Best drone photos of 2014

Dronestagram has announced the winners of its 2014 international Photo Contest, showcasing the best images snapped by cameras mounted to drones.


As quadcopters become more common, there's a growing contingent of photographers and filmmakers who are using the remote-controlled aerial vehicles to create their art. And we've seen some stunning projects emerge as pilots fly their drones where humans (rightfully) fear to tread.

To honour these amazing shots, drone photography community Dronestagram, in association with National Geographic, launched its very first ever international aerial photo competition, which ran from 15 March to 30 June.

The rules of the competition were pretty simple: users had to submit photos taken by a camera mounted to a drone; and they had to be the copyright holders for those photos.

"Picking winners was a very difficult task especially because of the great quality of the photos that have been submitted," Dronestagram wrote. "We tried to reward the photos that show the best the fantastic potential offered by drones in terms of image."

Prizes included Parrot drones, GoPro cameras, professional quality prints and -- for the first prize -- having their photo published on the National Geographic website and the French edition of the magazine.

Click through the gallery below to check out the winning snaps.