BenQ V2400W: World's thinnest 24-incher

Have a butcher's at the BenQ V2400W LCD monitor. It's 62mm at its fattest point, which makes it the thinnest 24-inch monitor in the world

Rory Reid

People are stupid sometimes. They'll spend crazy money on PCs that are way faster than they need, and buy a rubbish display. If you're one of those losers, peering at this Web site on an old 19-inch TFT, it's time to upgrade.

Have a butcher's -- if your strained eyes can manage -- at the BenQ V2400W LCD monitor. It is 62mm at its fattest point, which, according to BenQ, makes it the world's thinnest 24-inch monitor. More significantly, perhaps, it has an odd, off-centre stand, touch-sensitive control buttons and a rear end that looks like it was inspired by a B-2 Stealth Bomber.

It's not your typical skinny-but-attractive-harbinger-of-airborne-death, though. The panel pushes 1,920x1,200 pixels -- well over 1080p. It has a low 2ms grey-to-grey response time, a 1,000:1 -- or 4,000:1 dynamic -- contrast ratio, and it has HDMI, D-Sub and DVI video inputs.

There's no height adjustment or pivoting, which is a shame given the £330 price tag. But on the whole, the image quality is very, very good. Watch for a full review at some point in the near future. -Rory Reid

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