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Bendy straw wine aerator knows no faux pas

The Fred & Friends Bendy Wine Aerator looks like a sipping straw but is actually a pour spout. Underneath, the silicone stopper aerates wine as it is poured.

The Fred & Friends Bendy Wine Aerator is the perfect wine accessory for any occasion.
The Fred & Friends Bendy Wine Aerator is the perfect wine accessory for any occasion.
Fred & Friends

There is no wrong way to enjoy a glass of wine. The delicious elixir, however, has long been subjected to rules and social conventions that have ranged from the ridiculous to the sublime. No doubt that many of these customs have evolved out of a simple desire to improve the experience of wine-drinking, but sometimes they can just be too stifling. If I want to drink my wine with a straw, then so be it.

Just because one chooses to drink wine with a straw out of a coffee cup, they should not automatically be denied the best experience possible. Considering that gadgets galore have been, and continue to be, designed to appeal to the wine connoisseur, there is no reason straw-sippin', brown-baggin' oenophiles should have to suffer.

The Fred & Friends Bendy Wine Aerator caters to all. The silicone stopper fits inside most wine bottles and aerates as the wine is poured. In use, the familiar bendy straw -- complete with red stripe down the side -- will stick out of the bottle, lending a humorous appearance to the bottle. If your company becomes aghast instead of amused, well then, they're not your true friends anyway, right? But, if that's the sort of thing that gets to you, sticking your wine in a plain brown paper bag should do the trick.