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Belkin iPod Audio Kit: Podcessory extravaganza

Belkin has kindly bundled several handy little iPod accessories in this one pearly-white kit, offering a host of travel-related goodness for your MP3 player

This shiny white Belkin kit solves all your podcessory needs in one fell swoop –- there's a car power cord for charging on the move, a cassette adaptor to listen to your iPod through your stereo, a headphone splitter to share your music, an in-car holder and a Y audio cable to connect your iPod to a stereo.

The headphone splitter offers a whopping 114mm of flexible rubber action to facilitate two people listening to your tunes at the same time. This eradicates the feelings of guilt often experienced on long journeys with friends or family when you neglect them in favour of some banging 150bpm Dutch techno. With this piece of kit you can at least include them in your ear-drum bursting noise.

As for the auto power cord, it's obviously great to have the option to power-up when you're in your car and away from a conventional power socket. Nobody wants to lose power on the way to the gym, especially when Eye of the tiger is going to get you through those last few miles on the treadmill.

Only the most hardened of audio enthusiasts could be excited about the Y audio cable -- 1.2m long, it connects your iPod to an external stereo or speaker system and has gold-plated connections for enhanced audio quality. And that's it.

The cassette adaptor is a great way to listen to your music in the car. If you have playlists set up, you need only activate 'All-time Dad-rock driving greats' and you're good to go. Except how many people still have an in-car cassette player? If you abandoned yours years ago, you may be better served by an FM transmitter such as an iTrip, or a newer stereo with a direct iPod input.

Lastly there's the in-car holder. Useful for securing your iPod on the move, the rubber base slots straight into your drinks holder, leaving your device at a handy height for any mid-journey adjustments you might need to make.

If you're really looking to optimise your iPod experiences across the board, then for around £39 this podcessory kit offers decent value. -Joe Noone