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Because nothing beats a nice hot meal

Stainless steel warming cabinets by Broil King keep your plates and your food warm at the same time.

Keep your food warm on top and your plates warm on the bottom
One of my favorite things when I was a kid was going to family brunch on the weekends. Having good cooks as parents was a definite bonus for the kids, and when we had Sunday brunch, we knew we could count on an elaborate spread. One of the best things about brunch is that we got to serve ourselves out of the seldom-used warming pans. There was something extra special about spooning food out of a buffet-style pan warmed by heating candles.

Broil King knows that warming pans like the ones my parents used give instant "host with the most" appeal, and they've even added a bonus feature on the stainless-steel model pictured above. The top tray is where you put your food to keep it warm while you're serving it to guests, and the bottom is a compartment with a sliding door for warming plates. Genius! It also has dual thermostats so you can set the top and bottom for different temperatures.

The warming cabinet set, complete with three pans and lids, is available for about $299. It's a hefty investment for most of us, but a worthwhile investment for avid entertainers. You can see a video of the Broil King warming cabinets in action here.