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Because a watched roast never browns

Keep tabs on your cooking from afar with a wireless meat thermometer.

Wireless meat! Hammacher Schlemmer

I know you're still figuring out the details of your Thanksgiving meal, but it's actually already time to start thinking about the holidays. By which I mean holiday gifts. As in, start scouring the Internet and scoping out the stores, because every person on your list needs a thoughtful, perfect, chosen-just-for-you gift.

The good folks at Hammacher Schlemmer have some ideas, and we'll look at a few of them over the next several days. First up is the Chef's Remote Thermometer Monitor, a wireless meat thermometer and timer that lets you keep tabs on the cooking from up to 100 feet away. So, pop that turkey in the oven and head into the living room with your drink--the handheld receiver will tell you when the bird is ready.

The transmitter is also weather-resistant, so go ahead and set up the grill, and then come back inside to socialize. No need to bundle up and spend 40 minutes huddled over your grill in the cold--the receiver actually gives you audible alerts when your food reaches your chosen level of doneness.

Programming and storing your custom setting for cooking is so easy even your sous-chef can do it. The device costs $50 and runs on four AAA batteries.