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Beanbag cell phone chair

Give your phone a rest with this beanbag chair.

Kent German Former senior managing editor / features
Kent was a senior managing editor at CNET News. A veteran of CNET since 2003, he reviewed the first iPhone and worked in both the London and San Francisco offices. When not working, he's planning his next vacation, walking his dog or watching planes land at the airport (yes, really).
Kent German
Your cell phone at college Spoonsister.com

If you think you'd just spoil your cell phone by buying it its own bed, perhaps a cell phone chair is more appropriate. A chair still gives your handset a chance to rest in comfort but doesn't go so far as to give it a plush cover as well. Cell phone chairs come in a variety of style, from beach loungers to more traditional styles, but our favorite pick has to be these beanbag chairs. Available for just $9.75, the beanbag chair will add a retro-cool style to your home or office while giving your precious handset a way to kick back, albeit in a college dorm sort of way. Beanbags comes in neon green, turquoise, fuchsia, white, orange, and charcoal.