Baseball hot dogs all-year-round

Two Hot Dog Rotisserie Grills want to keep your hot dogs turning all year round. One for baseball fans, one for over the pond.

The Home Pride Ballpark Hot Dog Rotisserie Griller.
As Seen on TV

With memories of the last All Star game at Yankee Stadium already fading, I consider it my patriotic duty to remind everybody to eat their hot dogs. While I may not have an expressed written consent from MLB to disseminate the accounts and descriptions of the game, I can tell you it is over, and it was long. Now that we have passed the Midsummer Classic, the hot days will start to slowly drift away. Don't forget to carry hot dogs along with you into the turning of the seasons.

The Home Pride Ballpark Hot Dog Rotisserie Griller wants to make sure you can get your stadium hot dog all-year-round. Featuring perpetually spinning rollers like you might find at the Kwik-E-Mart, the compact little machine can cook four jumbo dogs at a time. A handy removable grease tray makes for easy cleanup.

With hot dogs always at the ready, there's no excuse to not always have one on hand. Unless of course you took note that only two bun warmers are provided. It sort of begs for an in-depth analysis of bun and hot dog packaging, but I'm not going to go there.

If you're over on the other side of the pond, no worries as there is a European version available for you too. The Giles & Posner model looks remarkably similar to its American cousin and entices potential hot dog aficionados with the capability to finally get that "cinema hot dog taste." Hot dogs are popular at cricket matches too, right?