Bake and store in one container

Skip at least one batch of dirty dishes by baking in Bake n' Keep Food Storage Containers.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram

The Bake n' Keep Food Storage Containers Wise Men Trading

On top of all the other dishes that I dirty when I'm baking, I almost always have to get out a fresh container to store food for later, along with any leftovers. That's just one more thing I'll have to wash down the road. However, Anchor Hocking has a line of containers that let you bake in the same dish you'll use to store food in--some are even large enough that you can do all of your mixing in the same container. The Bake n' Keep Food Storage Containers are glass, including the lids. They're dishwasher safe (and microwave safe), and they aren't prone to the problems you might encounter with plastic storage containers.

The Bake n' Keep Food Storage Containers are available in three sizes: 2 cups (priced at $9.99), 5 cups (priced at $10.99) and 12 cups (priced at $12.99). Each of the containers is only 3 3/4 inches tall, allowing them to easily fit on a low refrigerator shelf. The low, wide profile of these containers makes pouring or spooning food in and out simple--much easier than trying to work with glass jars and other storage options. The Bake n' Keep Food Storage Containers are ideal for everything from casseroles to cakes.