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Baguette vending machine bakes up French-style bread at anytime

Micro bakery Le Bread Xpress offers oven-baked baguettes on demand, with no trip to France needed. Sacré bleu!

It's hard to top the greatest food convenience since sliced bread, but the Le Bread Xpress vending machine might be it.

Dispensing warm baguettes from a machine, Le Bread Xpress wants to make sure hungry clients can grab their favorite French staple whenever their hearts desire. The loafs are partially cooked when they are loaded into the machine, then completely baked when ordered. Benoit Herve, the company's CEO and founder, said on the company's website that the idea came from his search for a baguette in the San Francisco area.

"I then discovered a French baker who has built a micro-bakery to deliver freshly baked baguettes from the oven on-demand 24/7," Herve said.

The machine uses a cloud-based interface. Patrons can pay for the baguettes via cash, credit card, Android Pay and Apple Pay. Currently, the only Le Bread Xpress can be found in San Francisco.