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Bag dryer saves bucks on lunchtime disposables

Bag-E-Wash bag drying rack conserves plastic by allowing you to reuse plastic baggies.

Modern Mommy Gear

Food storage bags have revolutionized how we store edibles for longer periods of time, divide bulk bags into healthy portions, and pack lunches for workdays. The problem is that we use millions of them every year, and many of them end up in oceans, rivers, and landfills. Since they're not biodegradable, they end up staying there for a long time.

I'm certainly guilty of using the bags: on any given day, I'll use at least one, whether it's in a packed lunch or to bag dinner leftovers. I try to limit my use of them, but when I do have to use them, this bag dryer will thankfully let me reuse them too.

The Bag-E-Wash is handmade in Canada, and dries up to eight bags at a time. After being washed with soap and water, the bags are dried on the rack, preparing them for their next use. This simple act could cumulatively do wonders for the environment: if you reuse your 25-pack of sandwich bags 5 times, you prevent 125 bags from going in the garbage, and save yourself the cost of 5 additional boxes of 25 bags.

Not a bad bargain for the $16 price tag, if you ask me.