Asus N55SF and N75SF have subs, will travel

Asus has outed two new laptops, and as well as B&O ICEpower tech, they have their own subwoofers. They're all you need for a party.

Joe Svetlik Reporter
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Joe Svetlik
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They may not double as kitchen knives, but these two new Asus laptops do have some serious skills you may like to know about. And no, we don't mean they make rather nice chopping boards.

Namely? Bang and Olufsen audio technology, as well as their own subwoofers to really add some bass. Well laptops aren't all work work work.

Both models are identical apart from the screen size: the N55SF has a 15.6-inch display, while the N75SF packs a 17.3-incher. Both have HD webcams, instant-on tech (which takes up where you left off in less than two seconds, so ideal for getting set up in a flash), and USB Charger+, which is a USB port powered direct from the lappy's battery, giving you more power direct to the charge. But it's on the sound front where these pack some real tricks.

Bang and Olufsen's ICEpower is the audio system designed especially for notebooks, seen previously in Asus' NX Series and N Series models. As well as enhanced acoustics and signal processing improving the sound, it also strikes a nice balance with the battery, so it won't sap your juice when out and about. Asus' own SonicMaster tech means larger speakers and oversize resonance chambers along with fine-tuning software, as well as the aforementioned standalone subwoofers. Basically, these things should be loud.

You have a choice of Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 chips, and displays up to 1,920x1,080 pixels resolution.

The 15.6-inch N55SF should reach Europe this month starting at €1,100 (£947), the N75SF in October for €1,350 (£1,162).

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