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Asus hints at slinky new tablet

Asus is toying with us, teasingly showing off a few close-up images of a new mobile device to be unveiled at next week's Computex show.

Asus has partially revealed "a never before seen" tablet one week before this year's Computex Show in Taiwan kicks off.

We're used to eagerly reporting on blurry 'spy' shots of possibly real prototype tablets and smart phones, but when the company itself starts sending out snippets we have to take notice.

Asus waxes lyrical about the device, Slashgear reports, extolling its "gentle edges, complementary tones, and a little bump with a clip", adding that the design team clearly had their fingerprints on this one. Yep, that's a common problem with many tablets. Presumably they wiped the smudges off before snapping the three close-up photos.

Asus would even like us to guess what the clip is for. Wild stab in the dark: for clipping the tablet to something?

In fairness, previous teases have yielded decent results. The Eee Pad Transformer is a great all-rounder that's a happy middle ground between tablet and netbook, and it made our list of best Honeycomb tablets -- it would be great if we could just get hold of it.

Asus isn't new to the world of large tablets. We've already seen the Eee Slate EP121 and Eee Pad MeMo among others. Asus had better be bringing something interesting to show us after today's riddling. A further clue could be the show's press conference invite, which reads, "Break the Rules: Pad or Phone?" So is this a big smart phone or a small tablet? A subtle dig at the iPad? We should know next week.

We have a feeling Asus will continue to toy with our minds during its self-confessed "Tech In Style Teaser Week 23-29 May". Bring it on.