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Asus developing a 39-inch UHD monitor

Still in prototype phase, this 39-incher is the larger version of the 32-inch Asus PQ321 announced at Computex.

Asus' 39-inch prototype UHD monitor.
Philip Wong/CNET

TAIPEI -- Size matters for a display, and this Asus monitor caught our attention with its huge 39-inch screen size. Spotted at the company's Computex booth, this panel also features an ultra high-definition (UHD) resolution packing 3,840x2,160 pixels. However, it's still in prototype stage and will not be ready until early next year.

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There are limited details about this 39-incher, except that it is based on a VA-type LCD panel and comes with both HDMI and DisplayPort ports.

Meanwhile, we also caught a glimpse of the upcoming Asus PQ321. This 31.5-inch model is launching next month in the U.S. and will retail for between US$3,800 and US$4,000. It is expected to be available worldwide thereafter.

Asus PQ321. Philip Wong/CNET

While the PQ321 loses out on the immersive viewing experience of a bigger screen, this is actually offset by a higher-performance IGZO panel. IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) screens are supposed to deliver more natural images and better power-efficiency, according to Sharp, which is one of developers of this technology. The 10-bit version used by the PQ321 can also reproduce up to 1 billion different colors.

Other key specifications include picture-in-picture support, as well as 4K video signal handling at 60 frames-per-second via a single DisplayPort cable.