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Artistic lunch boxes for artistic kids

The Museum of Modern Art has its own lunch box for the artistic set at the local elementary school. It even has a display pocket on the front for your favorite piece of modern art.

It's back-to-school time, so we here at the CNET appliance blog are on a bit of a lunch-box jag. But who can blame us? The lunch box is one of the most ubiquitous education accessories; it's always been functional, but maybe now it can be awesome, too.

The Modern Kids Lunch Tote: add some flare. The Museum of Modern Art

If no other lunch box has been able to satisfy your child's artistic interest, you might consider the one the Museum of Modern Art's is offering: the Modern Kids Lunch Tote. It's a soft, zippered lunch box, with lots of mesh compartments to hold drinks and snacks. It's available in bright green and bright orange.

The Lunch Tote is made from polyester, EVA, and nylon. It's easy to clean--as long as you remove the artwork decorating the front. The Lunch Tote is 9.5-inches tall by 7.5-inches wide by 3.5-inches deep. It also comes with a shoulder strap, making it easy to carry even when juggling school books or a backpack.

The front of the Modern Kids Lunch Tote is a display window, perfect for a favorite image of modern art. And if your child is less interested in those classics of American art that MoMA can provide, it's easy to swap out any postcard-size image. This week it can be a card from a trip out of town. Next week it can be an page from a favorite comic. It's all up to the child carrying it.