Art Lebedev Rozetkus 3D socket plugs into the third dimension

The Russian design gurus at Art Lebedev have shown off their latest piece of little genius: the Rozetkus 3D pop-out plug socket

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Richard Trenholm

The Art Lebedev Rozetkus 3D plug socket is well-named: it pops out from the wall into the third dimension, turning a single socket into five at the push the button. We've been delighted to hear from all the plug fans commenting on Plug versus Plug: this one's for you.

Art Lebedev Studio are the Russian design geniuses behind the Optimus Maximus OLED keyboard. The studio, founded by Artemy Lebedev, boasts the motto, "Design will save the world." In Russian, obviously.

As magnificent as the Great British plug is, we don't deny it's a chunky beast. The folding plug concept takes the weight out of our three-pronged wonder for on-the-go juice, but if ArtLeb's 3D concept ever added a third prong we'd definitely want a few around CNET Towers.