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Apple's USB-C to MagSafe 3 Cable Is Now Available in 3 New Colors

Color-matched to the new M2 MacBook Air finishes, at least on one end.

Adam Oram Senior Editor
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Adam Oram
Apple's USB-C to MagSafe cable in midnight color

Just in time for M2 MacBook Air preorders, Apple's USB-C to MagSafe 3 cable is now available to order in three new colorways. The new hues -- midnight, space gray and starlight -- match the color options of Apple's latest Mac and join the pre-existing silver option at $49. 

While those placing an M2 MacBook Air will receive a color-matched MagSafe 3 cable with their new machine, the new cables being available separately means it's possible to pick up a spare in the right shade to keep in your laptop bag or luggage. It also gives existing 2021 MacBook Pro owners the chance to snag a matching cable for the first time since space gray versions of that computer shipped with the silver version of the MagSafe 3 cable. 

Apple's USB-C to MagSafe 3 cable is two meters in length and features a woven design. It magnetically attaches to the charging port of your compatible Mac notebook and features a convenient LED indicator to let you know your computer's charging status at a glance. Importantly, the magnetic connection will release should someone trip over the cable, potentially saving your laptop from harm.

You'll notice that the USB-C end of all the cables still has a white finish. It's unclear why Apple opted to keep it that way, but it's likely because the wall adapters that it sells are all white and this will help it blend in the best.