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Apple's MagSafe cable might be back (thanks to a dongle)

A patent filing for a MagSafe-to-USB-C dongle could hint at the possible return of the MacBook Pro's much-loved magnetic charging cable.

A MagSafe-to-USB-C dongle, as seen in this patent filing, would resurrect the feature for current-gen MacBook Pro laptops.

Try not to get too excited, MacBook owners, but your beloved MagSafe charging cables might be coming back from the dead -- albeit via dongle.

The magnetic-attaching charging cables were a fan-favorite feature from the MacBook Pro because of how easily they'd disconnect when accidentally yanked, a design that no doubt saved countless laptops from coming crashing down to the floor. The newest, Touch Bar-equipped versions of the popular laptop ditched MagSafe in favor of a USB-C connection -- but now, an Apple US patent filing spotted by Mashable indicates that the feature could be returning via a magnetic dongle attachment for that USB-C jack.

Of course, plenty of patented ideas never see the light of day, so again, don't get your hopes up. That said, if Apple's goal is to win people over on the joy of dongles, this seems like a pretty smart way of doing it.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.