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Apple's black MacBook: A lips-on report

Old MacBook-ald had a farm, ei-ei-o, and on that farm he had a Core 2 Duo processor, ei-ei-o. With an OS X here and an OS X there, here a Mac, there a Mac, everywhere a Macbook...

There are two things you can bring into an office that will induce the weaker-minded to stand around, coo, and stroke. One is a new-born child and the other is anything Apple has released in the last five years.

What's more remarkable than Apple's recent spate of great design is that no other manufacturer seems to have caught on. Apple's closest rival, Sony, still lags behind with its attractive, though clearly derivative, efforts. The rest of the laptop makers are either going for the gauche, boy-racer market, or churning out ugly grey slabs. It's enough to break a girl's soul.

Sure enough, the new black MacBook inspired the obligatory crowd around the Crave pit. Some dribbled into polystyrene cups, others took turns at trying out the magnetic power cable -- which detaches should someone trip over the lead. The office gimp licked the built-in webcam while making little snaffling noises -- rather like a baby lamb suckling on its mother's teat. The MacBook yielded no milk, of course, other than the metaphorical milk that is the human emotion of pure joy.

If you're looking for a laptop that's built like laptops should be, then at the very least you must run your fingers across this in your local Apple Store. Thank Zeus that all consumer electronics are not so desirable. Our primitive urge to enshrine the MacBook, build a giant marble temple in its honour, house it in a gold ark and worship it for all eternity was tempered only by our professional impartiality at all times. Lesser minds would think the MacBook is a god; we think it's okay. There's more information on price and performance here. Expect a full review soon. -CS