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Apple's 2018 MacBook Pros try to fix 'flexgate' problem, report says

A small part change may address a display problem thousands of people have complained about.

Teardown site iFixit reports that 2018 MacBook Pros have a longer display flex cable than older models.

Apple apparently altered a part its 2018 MacBook Pro to address the "flexgate" problem, a teardown site reported.

Thousands of people complained about the issue in a petition started last year, saying it caused problems with the backlight -- from a "stage light" effect at the bottom to a completely dead backlight -- in MacBook Pros from 2016 onward.

The underlying cause was suspected to be the deterioration of a thin display flex cable that runs through the hinge due to repeated opening and closing of the laptop over several years, iFixit reported back in January.

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Apple hasn't acknowledged the issue. iFixit noted that a repair would require a full screen replacement -- costing $700 -- because the cable is soldered to the display controller board.

However, the site reported on Monday that the 2018 MacBook Pro has a display cable that's 2mm longer, potentially solving the problem because it's under less strain as the laptop opens. iFixit engineer Taylor Dixon noted that he hadn't experienced the issue for himself, so he couldn't confirm the cause or whether it's solved.

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

First published March 5, 5:28 a.m. PT.
Updated March 6, 2:42 a.m. PT: Adds iFixit photo.