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Apple's MobileMe services are constantly evolving, and with the ever-expanding reach to devices like the Macintosh and other platforms, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, the services are more regularly being revised to accommodate changes. Apple regularly posts knowledgebase articles covering the changes on its website, and these articles are indexed here.

Today Apple released a new bout of changes to the MobileMe services, which are listed below and are also available in this Apple knowledgebase document. The changes cover everything from iApp improvements to using the MobileMe website and working from within OS X 10.6.4:

Improvements with iOS 4.0 (for iPhone and iPod touch):

  1. The Mail app supports MobileMe Mail aliases when composing or replying to messages.

Find My iPhone app

  1. The new Find My iPhone app allows you to find your device from another iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

iDisk app version 1.2

  1. Designed for both iPhone and iPad.

  2. Option to open iDisk documents in compatible apps (such as open a PDF file in iBooks).

Gallery app version 1.1.1

  1. When viewing individual photos over a Wi-Fi network, higher resolution images are automatically downloaded on iPhone 4.

Improvements with Mac OS X v10.6.4

  1. Fixes an issue that may cause Address Book contacts to disappear when sharing is enabled.

MobileMe Control Panel 1.6

  1. Improves syncing of MobileMe Contacts with Microsoft Outlook. See this article for details.

Mail at me.com:

  1. The new MobileMe Mail web application is available for all users. For more information, see this FAQ.

Find My iPhone at me.com

  1. The Find My iPhone web application has a full-screen map view. Multiple devices are listed in a sidebar.

Calendar Beta at me.com

  1. The beta includes a new web application with support for calendar sharing and event invitations. More information about features is available here.

Me.com website

  1. Clicking the cloud icon brings up an application switcher.

  2. Clicking your name allows you to access Help, Account, and sign out.

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