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Apple updates Java for OS X

New versions of Apple's supported Java SE 6 runtime have been made available.

Apple has released a couple of Java updates for OS X, which bring the supported Java SE 6 runtime to the latest version (1.6.0_37) in order to tackle multiple vulnerabilities that were found in Java 1.6.0_35, the last version of Apple's Java runtime.

Most of the vulnerabilities addressed were those that allowed untrusted Java applets to run code outside of the Java sandbox. Similar vulnerabilities have been found in past versions of Java and are not uncommon bugs in programs; however, Java has recently gained a bit of a marred reputation following several outstanding vulnerabilities that have led to malware outbreaks in OS X and other platforms.

Recently I wrote about another Java vulnerability that affects all Java runtimes and therefore has the potential to affect numerous PC systems; however, this update seems to have not yet addressed this. According to Kaspersky Labs, this vulnerability will likely be addressed in Oracle's next quarterly update to Java in February 2013.

The Java updates are for OS X 10.6 and OS X 10.7, and should be available via Software Update if you already have Java installed on your system.

Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 11 (81.9MB)

Java for OS X 2012-006 (for OS X 10.7 and later -- 67.2MB)

As always, be sure to back up your system before applying this update.

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