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Apple Up-to-Date Program woes continue

While the Up-to-Date process should be smooth, users are experiencing delays, duplicate codes, and now incorrect software being issued.

Apple's Up-to-Date Program for issuing qualified users free copies of its latest version of OS X has been a bit of a rocky road.

For those who purchased Mac systems after June 10, Apple is offering a free upgrade to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, which requires submitting a serial number and purchase information to Apple's Up-to-Date Web site followed by receiving a redemption code for Mountain Lion in the Mac App Store. Unfortunately this process has hit a few snags.

Apple's Up-to-Date Program prematurely went live on Monday, two days before it was scheduled to go live in conjunction with OS X 10.8's release. While this wasn't much of an issue at the time, it turns out the problem resulted in Apple issuing duplicate codes when the service finally did go live.

In addition to duplicate codes, the Up-to-Date Program has received a large number of requests, and while initially users were getting codes within hours of submitting their applications, a number of people have had to wait days for their codes, with others still receiving no word about the status of their applications.

To top off the problems with the Up-to-Date Program, TUAW is now reporting that a number of users have received download codes for OS X 10.8 Server tools instead of the expected operating-system installer. While the server addition to OS X should not affect how the OS runs as a standard client, it does require the target version of OS X to first be installed. Therefore, these tools are useless to those who have not yet upgraded to Mountain Lion.

Hopefully these bugs with the Up-to-Date Program will be addressed and the process will become smoother, but for now if you are having troubles with the program, then your only option is to continue to wait.

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