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Apple rumoured to be making a smart watch with Intel

Apple is rumoured to be working on a 1.5-inch OLED smart watch with Intel. The iWatch, anyone?

Tech-infused watches have been very hit-and-miss over the years. For every Pebble watch gaining plaudits, there's an LG Watch Phone that sinks without a trace. While they are becoming increasingly popular, none have really become an essential part of our tech get-up.

Well that could change soon, if a rumour from Chinese site Tech 163 (via PocketNow) is to be believed. Because Apple is rumoured to be working with Intel on a smart watch that could go on sale in the first half of 2013. And if Apple gets involved, expect others to up their game, sharpish.

The timepiece is rumoured to have a 1.5-inch OLED screen with indium tin oxide coated glass. It'll run iOS, which is no great surprise.

Could the rumour be true? Despite the many failed attempts, techy timepieces are improving. Sony launched an Android-powered time-teller this year, and devices like the Pebble e-paper watch gained a lot of attention on Kickstarter recently. Nike's Fuelband -- which monitors your activity to keep you fit -- while not strictly a watch, is a wrist-based piece of tech that's been a huge success. Apple's previous iPod nano could be worn as a watch as well -- you just had to slot it into a strap -- so we are starting to get used to the idea of wearing our tech on our wrists.

I think if Apple was to venture into watch territory, it would be more of a 'hobby' product than a huge launch. Maybe as an extension of the old iPod nano, with a few fitness apps to rival Nike's Fuelband. Apple tends to wait until a product area is quite mature before going into it, so it can learn from others, so it could be that the time's almost right.

Would you buy an Apple watch? What functions would you like it to have? Let me know in the comments, or on Facebook.