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Apple removes 3 Macs from repair support

Mac minis from 2011 and two versions of iMac from 2009 were declared as obsolete or vintage, and an extended warranty for "Staingate" MacBook Pros is over.

Apple's late-2009 iMac has been declared obsolete. 

Apple designated three Macs either obsolete or vintage Tuesday, meaning that the gadget giant will no longer repair or provide replacement parts for them, according to a report on 9to5Mac

The report also noted that Apple's extended warranty offer for 2012 MacBook Pros with Retina displays has ended. Some models of that laptop were dogged with their display's anti-reflective coating rubbing off, known in Apple fan circles as "Staingate." 

The company classified its 21.5-inch  and 27-inch iMacs from late 2009 as obsolete, a designation that Apple applies to products five years after they are last manufactured. The company's mid-2011 Mac Mini was named "vintage," which is a classification that provides support for the devices for an additional two years because of legal reasons in Turkey and California. 

Apple didn't respond to a request for comment.