Apple redesigns Magic Keyboard, Mouse and Trackpad for its new iMacs

Three keyboard options will be available, including one with wireless Touch ID.

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New keys on the Magic Keyboard.

Apple/Screenshot by Sarah Tew/CNET

At Apple's Spring Loaded virtual event Tuesday, the company announced an updated iPad Pro with the company's powerful M1 chip that debuted last year. Also getting the M1 is an entirely new iMac that will be available in seven colors -- green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue and silver. Apple didn't leave its accessories out of the updates, either. 

Apple's wireless Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad will all be available in color-matched aluminum so your accessories won't clash with your new iMac. And, while colors are nice, Apple will offer the keyboard in three different designs. 

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The standard Magic Keyboard will now feature an Emoji key in the lower left as well as Spotlight, Dictation and Do Not Disturb keys on the Function key row. Apple will also offer a Magic Keyboard with built-in Touch ID key in place of the usual Lock key in the upper right corner. The keyboard will be able to wirelessly send your fingerprint data using a secure processor in the keyboard that works directly with Secure Enclave. This means you'll be able to securely use it to unlock your Mac and for Apple Pay transactions. 


The new Magic Trackpad.

Apple/Screenshot by Sarah Tew/CNET

Rounding out the keyboard options is a full-size Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and a numeric keypad. Also, while there were no changes to the Magic Mouse aside from the new color options, the Magic Trackpad has a refined shape so it matches up with the new keyboards. 

Although the new iMacs have already found their way up onto Apple's site (they aren't available until the second half of May), the accessories have not. It's unclear at the moment if they'll be available separately at launch or only as options when purchasing a new iMac.