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Apple recalls two models of last year's MacBook Air

Apple has found fault with last year's batch of MacBook Airs, and is willing to replace the solid slate drives free of charge.

If you bought a MacBook Air between June 2012 and June this year, consider yourself warned. Apple is recalling the 64GB and 128GB versions of this generation of Air, due to faulty flash storage drives.

The company announced in a blog post that the flash drives "may fail". If you bought one of these laptops, take it to Apple or an Apple Authorised Service Provider, and you can have the affected storage drive replaced for free.

In the meantime, Apple recommends you don't install any updates to the operating system, or download any new applications. You should also back up your data regularly until you get a new drive. And back up just before your new drive is installed.

If you already had your drive replaced and paid for it out of your own pocket, you might be in for a refund, so get in touch with Apple.

This is described as a "worldwide Apple program" so will apply to us Brits too.

The newer MacBook Airs come with between 128GB and 512GB of flash storage. They should be unaffected. I say should, as it took Apple more than a year to find fault with this batch of Airs, so you never know.

The company is holding an event on Tuesday evening, where it's expected to announce the new iPad and iPad mini. It's also expected to show off a new Apple TV, if the rumours are correct. Apple said on the invite it has a lot to cover, so it could well have some surprises up its sleeve. Or that could be a reference to more iPads coming with its Smart Cover cases.

We'll be on hand to bring you all the news as it breaks, so keep it CNET UK.

Do you own one of the affected Airs? Did you pay for a replacement drive already? Let me know what you make of the issue in the comments, or on our lifetime-guaranteed Facebook page.