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Apple patents envision MacBook that wirelessly charges iPhone, iPad and Watch

The company may also be looking to incorporate the charging feature into the iPad.


Your MacBook could wirelessly charge your other Apple devices someday.

US Patent and Trademark Office

Apple could be looking to someday build a MacBook that wirelessly charges other devices such as an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, according to newly granted patents for two-way charging, Patently Apple reported Tuesday. Attached images illustrate the placement of several inductive charging coils placed under the frame of the laptop that allow users to charge multiple devices at once.

The patents also include an image of an iPad charging an iPhone and Apple Watch.

Apple writes that the addition of wireless charging could be particularly helpful when people don't want to or aren't able to track down separate power supplies for various gadgetsSamsung allows you to wirelessly charge your devices off the back of some Galaxy phones via the wireless Qi standard.

iPad wireless charging patent

Apple is envisioning wireless charging in the iPad, too.

US Patent and Trademark Office

The iPhone maker's patents don't guarantee something like this would become a reality. This comes after Apple canceled its AirPower wireless charging mat project in 2019, saying the product didn't meet its standards.

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

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