Apple's Mac Pro didn't escape all of Trump's China tariffs

The company will reportedly still face tariffs on five Chinese-made components for the Mac Pro.

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Apple's upcoming Mac Pro.

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Apple  last month said it would continue to manufacture its Mac Pro in the US, a decision made possible following tariff waivers on some "necessary components." However, Apple reportedly wasn't able to dodge all tariffs on parts needed for its upcoming premium computer

Apple won't be exempt from 25% tariffs on five Chinese-made components for the new Mac Pro, according to a report from Bloomberg on Monday. In decisions posted on Monday, the Office of the US Trade Representative denied the company's request for tariff relief on optional wheels for the Mac Pro, a circuit board for managing ports, a power adapter, a charging cable and a cooling system for the computer's processor, according to Bloomberg. The USTR reportedly said the exclusion requests were denied because Apple "failed to show that the imposition of additional duties on the particular product would cause severe economic harm to you or other US interests."

Over the past few months, Apple CEO Tim Cook has been in conversation with the Trump administration over the trade war with China and its potential impact on the prices of its products. 

As with the 2013 Mac Pro, the updated 2019 model will be manufactured in Texas. The computer doesn't have an exact release date yet, though Apple said it'll begin production "soon." The company previously said the new computer, which starts at $5,999, would be available in the fall.

Apple and the USTR didn't immediately respond to requests for comment. 

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