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Apple KB Updates: Windows printing, multiple iPods with one Mac, iMovie '09, and more.

Apple has updated a few knowledgebase articles which may be useful for people trying to set up and use their Macs.

Apple has updated a few knowledgebase articles which may be useful for people trying to set up and use their Macs. The recent updates cover a number of topics, including adding shared windows printers, protecting files on MobileMe iDisks, using multiple iPods with one computer, and information on the new iFrame format in iMovie '09.

How to manually add a windows shared printer

This article covers step-by-step how to add a printer that is shared on a network through a Windows machine. OS X can use a variety of shared resources from Windows computers, with printing and file sharing being the most commonly used.

iMovie '09: Camcorder Support

The recently released update to iMovie '09 adds support for a few new camcorder models and types. This article covers the types of camcorders that should work, but in addition to mentioning known incompatibilities, the article also states a disclaimer about the accuracy of this article because of the ever-evolving digital video landscape.

iMovie '09: About the iFrame Video format

The new iFrame video format is briefly discussed here, along with how to set up a camcorder to use the format, and which camcorders currently support the new format (there are only two, both from Sanyo).

MobileMe: How to password-protect shared files in your iDisk

With the ability to place files on an internet-accessible iDisk being so easy in OS X, people may wish to password-protect some content. While we recommend you never put exceptionally sensitive information online unless it's highly encrypted (ie, a 128-bit or 256-bit encrypted disk image), there are other ways to secure less important information.

iPhone: Understanding tethering data usage

Some iPhone carriers allow for internet tethering, and in the iPhone OS v3.1 you can see the tethering data usage by going to "Settings --> General --> Usage" and seeing the data transfer totals. This article discusses this settings window and what the various stats mean.

Mac OS X: About printing with a USB-to-parallel cable

Many old printers that do not have USB ports can still be used if you connect a USB-to-parallel cable up to them. In some cases, this may lead to problems where printing may not complete properly. This is an old article, and basically outlines that if you are using one of these cables you should look into other options if you're experiencing printing problems.

Use multiple iPods with one computer

Many people have more than one iPod device that they'd like to use with their computers. There are a number of ways to set up your computers to work with multiple iPods, such that there are no conflicts or duplication of data between the devices. This article covers a few ways to do this with your Mac and Windows computers.

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