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Apple KB Updates: iPod/iPhone problems, Installing and restoring OS X, more...

Apple's latest bout of knowledgebase updates cover the installation of OS X on external drives, various iPhone problems, and how iDVD stores encoding information for projects.

Apple recently updated a number of knowledgebase articles, which address problems people have been having with their iPhones, iPods, and Mac hardware and software. The issues include problems with iDVD encoding settings, iMac restores using incorrect system software, and problems installing OS X to external drives.

iPod's touch-sensitive wheel and buttons are unresponsive after waking from sleep

If you use an iPod and have found the inputs to be unresponsive, this article covers how to recalibrate the touch-sensitive inputs by toggling the hold button.

iDVD: Setting Encoding preferences

iDVD embeds the default settings for encoding quality in all projects, so if you have created a project and then changed iDVD's encoding quality at a later date, you will need to change the quality settings back again.

iMac (late 2009): Using the correct Mac OS X system software

A number of people apparently are trying to restore their iMac's (late 2009) system software using older OS X installation DVDs that contain OS X 10.6.0. While this will work, it will also result in a variety of bizarre problems. This article outlines a number of these and how to correct them.

iPhone and iPod Touch: Applications unexpectedly quit after entering the 'は' character

This article addresses a problem with iPhone applications crashing upon entering certain Japanese characters. The fix is to switch the language to English and reset the keyboard dictionary before switching back to Japanese.

iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS: System requirements for Internet tethering

For people who have cellular plans that allow Internet tethering through the iPhone, this article covers the system and software requirements to do so.

"You cannot install Mac OS X on this volume..." alert in Installer

Installing OS X to external hard drives is useful for numerous reasons, but in doing so you may encounter a problem where the OS X installer will not recognize the selected drive as a valid installation destination. This article covers how to repartition the drive so the installer will recognize it.

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