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Apple iWatch tipped for flexible screen, smaller than Gear

Industry reports from Korea reckon the iPhone maker is plumping for a flexible OLED screen for its rumoured iWatch, in 1.3-, 1.4- or 1.5-inch sizes.

Bend it, shape it, anyway Apple wants it -- that's the order of the day in Korea, where industry reports reckon the iPhone maker is plumping for a flexible OLED screen for its rumoured iWatch.

Its design is far from finalised however, with the Korean paper Chosun Ilbo reporting that Apple has requested prototypes with 1.3-, 1.4- and 1.5-inch screens.

If any of those become reality, it would make the iWatch significantly smaller than its immediate rival the Samsung Galaxy Gear. The Gear sports a flat 1.63-inch display with a sub-retina 320x320-pixel resolution.

The idea of a flexible screen doesn't necessarily mean a bendy one you can shape yourself -- it might mean a curved, rigid display that winds around your wrist.

Luke recently looked at all the various rumours and possibilities for the iWatch, including more concept designs like the one above, in this handy video:

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Apple has indicated on numerous occasions that it's looking into new product areas, and has trademarked the name 'iWatch' in several countries.

CEO Tim Cook prefers the concept of smart watches to smart glasses. "I wear glasses because I have to. I don't know a lot of people that wear them that don’t have to," he told a tech conference in May. "I think the wrist is interesting. The wrist is natural. But you have to convince people that something's so incredible they have to wear it."

Samsung's own £299 timepiece has just reached the UK, where its reception hasn't been hugely favourable. In our review of the Galaxy Gear, we loved its classy metallic styling, but lamented its lack of email or social network features and poor battery life. Samsung itself has admitted it "lacks something special".

Are you waiting to see what Apple comes up with before you take the plunge on a smart watch? Or have you strapped a gadget to your wrist already? Take the time to leave a comment below, or keep our Facebook page ticking over.

Image credit: Yanko Design