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Apple halts Mountain Lion Up-to-Date Program after brief launch

An error resulted in Apple's Up-to-Date program going live this morning, though the service is expected to be active soon with Mountain Lion's release.

This morning Apple's Up-to-Date program for OS X Mountain Lion appeared to be activated for a short while, allowing a number of people to submit applications for their free copies of Apple's new OS; however, this appears to have been an error on Apple's part and the Up-to-Date Program has been taken offline.

For people who have purchased a new Mac on or after June 11, Apple is offering a free upgrade to OS X 10.8, which is due out any day now. When the OS is released, users can go to the Up-to-Date Web page and submit an application for their systems. When the application is submitted users will receive a claim code, and when the systems and purchase dates are verified Apple will e-mail a redemption code for use in the Mac App Store. This code will allow a free purchase of Mountain Lion. However, unlike standard purchases that can be installed on any machine, the redemption code is to be used for only one machine.

Apple is expected to release Mountain Lion sometime this week (a Wednesday launch is rumored), and today's brief enabling of the Up-to-Date Program suggests the release is imminent.

According to MacRumors, those who were able to submit their purchase information and receive a redemption code have found the Mac App Store claims it is not a valid code. If you are one of these people, for now wait until Mountain Lion is officially released and then try your code again. If this still does not work, then try submitting the Up-to-Date application again. Alternatively you can contact the App Store support and explain how you got your initial redemption code.

The Up-to-Date Program is expected to be officially active when Mountain Lion is released.

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