Apple CEO Tim Cook says he wants to make Mac Pro in the US

That's why Apple asked for tariff exclusion on parts.

CNET News staff

The new Mac Pro is a high-end machine Apple wants to make in the US. 


Apple wants to stay committed to assembling the Mac Pro in the US. That's according to CEO Tim Cook , who said the tariff exclusions he was seeking from the US government had to do with the intent to make the company's high-end Mac in America. 

"We've been making the Mac Pro in the US and we want to continue doing that," Cook said on a conference call with analysts on Tuesday. "And so we're working and investing currently in [the] capacity to do so because we want to continue to be here."

Apple generated a lot of attention when it committed to making the last generation of the Mac Pro in the US, but it hadn't previously said where it would assemble the new version, which it showed off at WWDC in June. At least one report pegged production to happen in China instead

Cook's comments lend some context to Apple's request to the US government for some of the parts it imports to be excluded from the rising tariffs. But President Donald Trump said Apple wouldn't get any relief. "Make them in the USA," the president tweeted.