Apple Boot Camp update fixes Japanese, Korean keyboard issues

Apple has released a Boot Camp update for owners of the new 2011 "Sandy Bridge" iMac systems that addresses problems with handling Asian keyboard layouts.

Topher Kessler MacFixIt Editor
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Topher Kessler

This morning Apple released a new line of iMac models that contain quad-core "Sandy Bridge" processors, faster graphics, and support for the new Thunderbolt I/O technology. These new machines may be an enticing buy, though if you plan to install Windows 7 via Boot Camp, be sure to install the latest Boot Camp update, especially if you are using Japanese and Korean languages.

Apparently the included Boot Camp drivers on the new iMacs have problems with handling Japanese and Korean keyboard layouts. Apple does not specify what these problems are, but has released an update to the Boot Camp drivers for these new systems that addresses this problem.

The issues addressed with this update are minor and only affect those who use these Asian keyboard layouts, but nevertheless if you have Boot Camp installed on your new iMac, you may as well update it. The update should be available via Apple's Software Update utility, but can also be downloaded from the Boot Camp 3.2 for iMac Web page. The update requires Windows 7 to run and is a small 638KB patch.

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