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Apple beefs up iCloud Drive storage capacity to 2TB

Customers can double their storage max on the cloud-based service for $19.99 per month.

Apple is expanding the capacity of its iCloud Drive storage service.

Apple has doubled the maximum amount of data users can store on iCloud Drive, now offering 2 terabytes to customers of its online storage service.

Apple's new storage capacity will run customers $19.99 per month, twice the $9.99 monthly cost of its previous 1TB storage max. Consumers still have the option of getting 5GBs of storage for free. The company also offers a 50GB plan for 99 cents per month, and a 200GB option for $3.99.

The higher capacity is expected to benefit those with large iCloud Photo Libraries and for the new macOS Sierra iCloud Drive features.

While iCloud was once a place to backup photos and address books, iCloud Drive allowed it to morph into a full-fledged cloud storage service. Users can back up any type of file, including PDFs, plain text documents and Excel spreadsheets, and then access it from their iOS and Mac OS devices, and Windows computer.

By comparison, Google Drive offers 15GBs for free and paid plans starting at 100GBs for $1.99 per month and running up to a whopping 30 terabytes for $299.99 per month.