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Apple announces new MacBooks

Apple updates its MacBook lines with the latest hardware, and the Macbook Pro gets a multi-touch touchpad and LED screen.

Apple announced its new MacBook and MacBook Pros today, bringing the lines up to speed with the latest hardware.

New for the MacBook Pro is the multi-touch touchpad first featured on the MacBook Air, allowing you to manipulate things like photos in a much more intuitive way, resizing and rotating with an appropriate flick.

The 17-inch MacBook now also has an option for an LED screen, although prospective buyers will have to opt for the high resolution screen to get it.

On the components side, Apple has gone to the latest 45nm Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs, which were codenamed "Penryn". All the MacBook Pros feature an NVIDIA 8600M GT graphics card -- the lower model featuring 256MB video RAM, the two higher 512MB.

The MacBook received a more modest upgrade, including the aforementioned Penryn processor and larger hard drives. Embarrassingly, despite the component being amazingly cheap the lowest model still does not feature a DVD burner by default, nor is the option available from the online store to add one.

Despite Blu-Ray's recent victory, Apple has also not included an option for a Blu-ray drive -- although we'd argue this is not necessary at this stage for the majority of consumers, and would expect it to perhaps crop up in the next refresh for the high-end MacBook Pros.

The baseline MacBook starts at AU$1,499, the MacBook Pro at AU$2,699, and both those and other updated configurations are available now from the Apple Store.