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Apple reportedly pulls legacy MacBook Pro, making space for new models

The legacy MacBook Pro, the one with a spinning disc drive and a low-res screen, may soon be replaced by a new generation of machines.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Apple only sells one laptop with an optical disc drive and a spinning hard drive -- and that laptop may not be long for this world. The 13-inch unibody MacBook Pro, originally introduced in 2008 and unchanged since 2012, is reportedly being pulled from Apple Store shelves.

Apple Insider and The Next Web both confirm that the laptop has disappeared from some Apple physical retail locations. You can still buy one on Apple's website, but there it's typically buried beneath the company's other computers.

The move would seem to suggest that Apple is clearing space for new laptops, rumored to arrive by the end of the year. Even Apple's newest MacBook Pros are overdue for a refresh; their Intel processors are now two years out of date. The new laptops are rumored to come with fingerprint sensors and an OLED touchstrip that can act as a set of additional colorful buttons.

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Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Apple has a history of keeping legacy gadgets on sale for years after newer ones are announced. The iPod Classic, the final iPod with a spinning hard drive, stuck around until September 2014.