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AOL, Campbell partner on online recipes

AOL begins posting daily recipes for 30-minute meals, including Campbell recipes, and will launch a "Play with Your Food" section in November.

AOL and the Campbell Soup Company have teamed up to make the food section of AOL's Web site a little more enticing. A new section, launched today, is called "Dinner Tonight" and features a quick and easy recipe for each night of the week. Users can tab through to see the suggested recipes for the whole week. AOL will include more than 2,000 Campbell's recipes in that section. But don't assume it's all going to be chicken baked in a can of cream of mushroom soup. Recipes for this week also come from and EatingWell.

AOL plans to launch a second section, called "Play with Your Food," in November. That section will feature fun kitchen activities, articles, quizzes, food trivia, polls, and user-generated photo galleries and videos, according to the company's statement.