Anti-zombie Swiss Army knife sports a full-size machete

Face the undead apocalypse in style with a massive multitool containing a machete, ax, pipe wrench and auger bit.

Protect yourself from zombies with your choice of weapon.


What good is a gun when you're knee-deep in animated corpses and out of ammo?

You need a Swiss Army Machete, a zombie defense multitool. It gives you a blade for head-whacking action, an ax to remove grasping hands and an auger just because it looks like a giant corkscrew. Those zombies won't stand a chance against your mighty arsenal of outrageousness.

Instructables user seamster shared a 14-step project on the how-to site showing the world how to create the ultimate in flexible anti-zombie weaponry. This is no pocket-sized gadget. It takes two hands to heft it. While that may reduce the effectiveness during a zombie-horde invasion, it will certainly look cool.

Here's the complete list of installed tools: pipe wrench, machete, ax, adjustable wrench, auger bit, steel pipe. The case is made from wood painted in the classic Swiss Army knife bright-red color. Tools are held in place with wood hinges and bolts. A lot of duct tape is involved.

"In preparation for the forthcoming zombie invasion I decided to gather up the gnarliest, zombie-weaponiest tools I had and store them in one convenient and accessible location," seamster writes.

The massive multitool looks like it should have a movie cameo in Bruce Campbell's hands. It probably wouldn't pass muster in "The Walking Dead" universe, but if it doesn't impress your fellow survivors, nothing will.

(Via Technabob)