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Anker Recalls Some 535 Power Banks Over Fire Risk

An Anker 535 Power Bank was the "most probable cause" of a Maryland house fire, according to a local fire chief.

Multiple colors of the Anker 535 Power Bank
Anker 535 Power Bank (PowerCore 20K) A1366.

Anker has recalled some of its 535 Power Bank products, citing possible overheating and fire risk as a safety hazard, according to a notice on the company's website.

The China-based electronics manufacturer said on its website that it discovered a "manufacturing condition" that impacted a small number of its 535 Power Banks -- specifically PowerCore 20K A1366 models -- and issued a voluntary recall on Jan. 18. The 535 Power Bank is a portable charger typically used for devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones during travel.  

The UK's Office for Product Safety and Standards posted a recall notice on Feb. 1 about the Anker 535 Power Banks, stating that some of the products' battery cells may have been damaged during the production process, which could cause a power bank to overheat.

In the US, an Anker 535 Power Bank was recently cited as "the most probable cause" of a Maryland house fire, as "there were no other electrical devices or anything else" where the fire appeared to start that would have caused the blaze, a local fire chief said.

Anker's website says it's working closely with local government agencies to "ensure a comprehensive and safe recall process."

If you purchased an Anker 535 Power Bank, you can determine whether yours may have been affected by checking the bottom back of the battery and verifying the make and model. If it reads "535 Power Bank (PowerCore 20K) Model: A1366" you should stop using the device and return it to Anker. 

Here's how to safely dispose of 535 Power Bank and request a refund from Anker. The company says to:

  1. Stop using the device immediately. 
  2. Store the 535 Power Bank in a safe location.
  3. Don't throw the battery into the trash or recycling bin.
  4. Dispose of your device only at a facility that accepts Lithium batteries.
  5. FIll out this recall form and request a refund for your 535 Power Bank.

You can contact the company via email at or 800-988-7973 in the US.

In a statement to CNET, Anker said it has "stopped all sales of the affected product and has begun the process of informing customers and communicating with our retail channels," as well as filing notice with the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission and cooperating with the recall effort.