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An espresso maker you might actually use

All-in-one stovetop cappuccino maker might mean you can ditch the beastly thing you got for your wedding.

Let's have a show of hands of all the people who have an espresso maker (probably from their wedding registry) that's still sitting in its box or is stowed away in some unreachable cupboard. Machines that make espresso drinks are one of those kitchen gadgets that seem like a great idea but never seem to get used.

Bialetti Mukka Express
The Bialetti Mukka Express comes in polished aluminum (shown here), a black-and-white cow print, and a pink-and-black version. Bialetti

This is probably due to a variety of reasons: they're complicated to use; the espresso's cool by the time the milk is hot; or they just don't make good espresso.

But here's one I dare say I might actually use. It's Bialetti's Mukka Express, an all-in-one stovetop cappuccino and latte maker. You simply put water in the base, espresso grounds in the filter, and milk in the top carafe. Then put it on the stove over medium-high heat and voila! You've got two hot lattes ready for drinking.

Sounds simple enough. User reviews on say it is, but warn that if you don't heed the instructions to a letter, you'll have a big, milky mess on your hands. Maybe that's why Bialetti ships it with an instructional DVD.

If the metallic look isn't your thing, it also comes in a black-and-white cow print, or a pink and black version (part of the proceeds of which benefits the National Breast Cancer Foundation).