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An electric ice cream scoop

If you love ice cream but hate to exert yourself at all, the electric ice cream scoop will simplify your life and make it easy for you to indulge without any effort.

As the weather turns warmer, the joyful sound of the ice cream truck driving around the neighborhood becomes more common. And since I have no intention of paying $4 for a Sponge Bob-shaped treat with gumball eyes, I've stocked my freezer with less expensive, if more boring, boxes of chocolate and vanilla goodness.

It's electric! Amazon

Whenever my parents serve ice cream, they first microwave the container for about 30 seconds. I prefer my ice cream cold, so I usually just leave it out on the counter for a few minutes to soften enough for easier scooping. But apparently, so many people have difficulty extracting the ice cream from the container that a solution was invented: the electric ice cream scoop.

Plug in the scoop to heat it up, and in "minutes" it's hot enough to cut through the hardest blocks of ice cream. And it retains its heat while you scoop your way to the bottom of the container. Find it for less than $20 on Amazon. What your self respect may cost you? Well, that's another story.