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An attractive storage solution for your E.V.O.O.

Vintage style wine bottles in Sur La Table's Italian Ceramics collection are a pretty way to serve and cook with oil.

Pictured in honey, green, and ivory. Also available in red. Sur La Table

People have asked me several times to name what I use more than anything else in my kitchen. My first instinct is to name my good santoku knife as the winner, but if I'm being honest, then I'd say it's a bottle of olive oil. I cook with it every day, use it as dressing, mix it into my recipes, and drizzle it on finished soups, and if I were to write down what I eat every day, olive oil would show up on the list at least once every day of the week.

For the most part, I pour my oil directly from the bottle in which I bought it. But lately, I've been in the market for something more practical. By the end of a bottle of oil, the sides usually become messy and slippery. And if left in the light in a clear container, the fats in oil tend to become rancid, ruining the end of an otherwise perfectly good bottle.

Several kinds of attractive oil bottles are available in specialty kitchen stores, but one I particularly like is this Italian ceramic bottle from Sur La Table. The vintage-style containers are made in Italy, and channel the aesthetic of a rustic old world Italian kitchen. They also come in beautiful color choices, including green, red, honey, and ivory.

The bottles are typically $29.95, but you can get them on sale for $19.96 at Sur La Table.