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LEAKED: Rumored 'Kindle Oasis' shows off crazy-cool new design

Leaked images show a wedge-like design with a big side bezel and built-in page turn buttons.

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It's no secret that a new Kindle e-reader is expected to drop this week -- CEO Jeff Bezos tweeted so himself -- but it looks like we might have an unexpected and unofficial sneak peek on our hands.

Leaked images from product listings on Amazon China (which have since been taken down) show an e-reader with an odd wedge shape (instead of your standard slate-like design), built-in page turn buttons and a classy leather cover, dubbed the Kindle Oasis.

Nice human, defan752 on Reddit, roughly translated the text on the image of the purported e-reader to reveal more specs. It looks like it'll have a 300dpi screen (as sharp as the Amazon Voyage), and a funky new design that shifts the Kindle's weight into your palm for easy, comfortable holding. Additionally, the classy leather cover also significantly extends regular-use battery life by a few days, or a few months in standby mode.

Amazon already makes some of the best e-readers on the market, so it looks like the company is boldly branching out, design-wise, to continually innovate and improve its already great products.

Check back when the Amazon Kindle Oasis -- or whatever it'll be called -- is announced for all of the official details.