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Amazon Kindle for Web embeds the first chapter of a book, YouTube-style -- and earns you money

Amazon Kindle for the Web is a new widget that embeds the first chapter of an ebook on your website -- and even earns you money.

Amazon is giving away the first chapter of a range of books to embed in your website. Kindle for the Web is a new service that lets readers peruse an opening chapter without leaving the web page they are on, before downloading the whole ebook with one click.

Authors and bloggers can embed the Kindle for the Web widget on their site. Click it to see the first chapter in an ebook-style windows in your browser, showing off ebook features such as adjusting fonts, spacing and background colours, and browsing through the chapter.

Extra buttons let you buy from the Kindle store, share the book on social networks, or embed on your own site. Embedding involves copying and pasting a line of code, similar to embedding a YouTube video.

If you are an Amazon Associate, you can even earn money every time someone clicks your widget to buy from the Kindle store. Kindle for Web is currently in beta, so the number of books included is still fairly short.

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