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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 coming as soon as next month

The second Amazon Kindle Fire will be revealed next month -- but will we see it in the UK?

The Amazon Kindle Fire 2 is just weeks away. Word on the street says the second Amazon Kindle Fire will be revealed next month -- but will we see it in the UK?

A credible source has told our US colleagues at CNET.com that the next generation of Amazon's popular Android tablet will be unveiled on 31 July, even earlier than expected.

That's much less than a year since the original model arrived: announced in September, the Kindle Fire went on sale in the US in November. It immediately sold millions, but has yet to cross the pond.

But a UK debut for the Kindle Fire 2 isn't out of the question: Amazon recently invited Android app developers to submit apps to a new European version of the Amazon Appstore. Could that be a precursor to a British Kindle Fire?

Now would certainly be a good time: Google is set to unveil its first tablet, the Google Nexus 7 with Jelly Bean, today. It's reported to be a 7-inch, low-cost tablet, just like the Fire. Amazon has deliberately avoided competing directly against the iPad by releasing a smaller, cheaper tablet, so the last thing it needs is for another big name to do the same and steal its thunder.

What will be inside the Kindle Fire 2? We don't know yet, but the source did specify that it would have physical volume buttons. The current model only has onscreen controls, making it a bit of a faff to quickly change the volume.

Other rumours say Amazon could be planning a 10.1-inch Kindle Fire with a quad-core processor. There's a chance this is the Kindle Fire 2, but however big it is we can't wait to see the Kindle Fire on these shores.

Do you think Amazon should bring the Kindle Fire to the UK? What would you like to see in the Kindle Fire 2? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.